Final Project Progress Report

The purpose of this post is to report the progress of my History 6133, Museums and History in the Digital Age course final project, which includes developing a website with an online exhibit for Exodus Galleries. The status of the 3 major phases of this project is as follows:

  1. Website Development
    1. I have completed my research on what Web development tool to use.
    2. The website development using “WIX” is about 80% complete and is going well.
    3. I have completed my research on what social media strategy. Considering the limited time and resources, when it comes to determining if and how social media should be incorporated and choosing the right platform for the day to day business at Exodus Gallery, I felt that it was crucial that I understood the opportunities and practicalities of implementation, as well as the impacts it might have. Thinking more strategically about social media options was the first step towards accomplishing my goals and ensuring the sustainable use of social media.
    4. I am currently trying to determine the advantages and disadvantages of getting a “WIX” domain name or a “Go Daddy” Domain name.
  2. Online Exhibit Development
    1. The Online Exhibit development is about 80% complete and is going well
    2. Chose the exhibit option in “WIX for my exhibit. This eliminated the need to create a new exhibit format.
  3. Historical Research
    1. I am having fun researching the information that will support the online exhibit. I am finding much more good information than I choose to put online. I am in the final stages of determining what information I will put online and the best way to present it.

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